Langsamer Walzer

Andy Williams 'Moon River'

Chris de Burgh 'When Winter Comes'

Dan Seals 'Water under the bridge'

David Wildhorn 'Lost in the Darkness'

Gianni Pavese 'Rilassamento', 'Searching for the past'

Hayley Westenra 'Dark Waltz'

Johnny Mathis 'Sweetheart Tree'

Kenny Rogers 'If I were a painting'

Norah Jones 'Come away with me'

Peter Allan 'I still call Australia Home'

Ralph Herrenkind 'Ocean Waltz'

Sarah Williams 'Alone'

Secret Garden 'Appassionata', 'Greenwaves'

Slade 'Everyday'

Vince Hill 'A time for us (Romeo and Juliet)'